Gain More Interest In Your Life Coaching Business By Offering These Convenient Services

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Going into business as a life coach is a rewarding career option because it allows you to help people make changes in their lives for the better, and at the same time gives you the opportunity to set your own hours and create a uniquely flexible lifestyle to take advantage of.

If you haven't already, the first thing you should think about doing if you expect your clients to take you seriously is to get yourself accredited. Then you'll want to offer some services that will set you apart from the competition – consider implementing one or more of these options:

Around-the-Clock Messaging

Clients may feel the need to get a hold of you when you are not available, so instead of sending them to an icy voicemail to leave a message, consider using an around the clock answering service. This will provide your clients with personalized service that makes them feel like you are always there for them, even when you aren't actually around to answer the phone yourself.

Your answering service should be able to take messages, schedule appointments, and provide basic information (like your business hours) to new and current clients. Skip answering services that operate only under their business name. Work with a company that will provide you with a unique phone number or extension to use so that calls from your clients can be answered using your business name and brand.

Virtual One-on-One Meetings

Most coaches work over the phone with their clients, but face-to-face interaction can offer a more in-depth experience that helps improve communication and give you both a chance to connect with one another on a personal level. You can set up your sessions through a basic online chatting service, or create a branded system within your website that will allow you and clients to connect by simply logging into your system.

Some clients may not feel comfortable working with you face-to-face, so it's a good idea to offer virtual meetings as an option in addition to phone consulting, as opposed to making it a necessity when new clients sign up for your services. This will give you the ability to charge extra for the service and increase your profit margin overall. 

Personalized Video Mentoring

Another way to communicate with your clients on a more personalized level is to create recorded videos that are personalized for each client. Using problem areas that are identified during your phone or virtual meetings, you can offer additional guidance and problem solving techniques for clients to tap into between your official sessions.

Even your Smartphone is enough to record videos that your clients will appreciate. It isn't about having a professional studio to record in, it's about being able to connect with clients in a way that reaches out to them personally so they feel like they've got a friend on their side, offering all the support they need even when you aren't available for live consultations.

In-Depth Digital Action Plans

To keep your clients organized and on track, consider implementing a membership system into your website where your clients log in to find the personalized videos you make for them, a virtual journal to use, and digital action plans that will remind them of everything they covered in their previous sessions with you, and everything they need to accomplish before their next session.

Make the action plans interactive so your clients have a way to check things off their lists once they have been completed. You can then take a look at their action plans as time permits to keep tabs on their progress, which will help you create the outline for your next live session with one another.

By implementing these ideas into your business plan you'll open your services up to a client-base with a wide variety of needs and preferences. 


20 January 2015

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