3 Reasons You Need A Maid Service To Clean Your Home

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It is important to have a clean and tidy home because it can affect your health. Having a maid clean your house every day or several times a week can help to improve your life. Here are three reasons you need a maid service to clean your home.

A Dirty Home Can Make You Depressed

If you are depressed, it can be common for your home to be messy and unorganized. Although depression can result in a messy house, a messy and unorganized house can also make you feel depressed.

If you don't have the time, energy, or mental ability to clean up and organize your home, the sight of things in disarray can overwhelm you. They can also make you feel tired, which can trigger depression. According to David Neubauer, M.D., depression can occur when you have genetic factors combined with stressful situations, such as a messy house. Just looking at everything you need to organize and clean in your home can be overwhelming and overstimulate your brain. This excessive stimuli can also cause you to not be able to relax mentally or physically.

You can also feel guilt about things in your home you have not cleaned, causing depression. Because anxiety usually accompanies depression, you can feel anxious when you look at everything you need to organize and clean up. You may not know how much effort it will take to organize and what you will have to deal with when you organize and clean.

A Dirty Home Can Make You Sick

Just as a messy home can make you mentally ill, it can also make you physically sick. When you allow floors to go without vacuuming and stacks of papers to pile up, they can collect dust and other microbes that can cause allergic reactions. Hiring a maid can help to keep your home clean and you healthy.

A lack of cleaning in your bathroom and kitchen can allow bacteria, mold, and viruses to live on many surfaces. If you come in contact with any of these, they can make you sick if you ingest them. 

The high levels of moisture in your kitchen or bathroom sink make the perfect environment for bacteria to live because 80% of a bacteria cell's weight is water. A kitchen sink can contain more than 500,000 bacteria per square inch.

A dirty bathtub or shower can allow dangerous molds to grow. These release mold spores into the air that you can inhale into your lungs. Some mold spores can grow inside your lungs and cause infections that get into your skin, sinuses, or digestive system. Also, black mold is toxic to humans and can cause bleeding, damage to your internal organs, mental impairment, cancer, and sometimes death.

A Full Time Job Takes Much of Your Time

A recent study found that women today are spending an average of 18 hours per week on household chores when 50 years ago they spent 44 hours per week on household chores. Much of the reason for this decrease in time spend on chores is because more women today are working full-time jobs. 

As 49 percent of women versus 19 percent of men complete the household chores, the chores are more likely to not get done when the woman is working all week. This leaves a majority of the cleaning to be finished over the weekend or not at all unless you hire a maid. 

If you find yourself in any of these situations, a maid can help you out. When you get home from work, your house will be cleaned and tidy. You will be able to relax mentally and physically, not having to worry about completing any unfinished chores.

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23 February 2015

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