Creamation Spreading - 3 Tips To Follow

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If you have recently had to make the difficult decision to have your spouse, parent, child, or close friend cremated, then you may want to do something special with the ashes.  Ash spreading is a common ritual that is completed by grieving family members.  The spreading is a good way to return your loved one's remains to nature, and it is also a way to say goodbye.  If you have never dealt with the remains of a family member, then keep reading to learn about some cremation remain spreading tips.

Be Prepared To View The Ashes

Many people think that cremation remains are made up of a fine ash material that is reminiscent of fireplace ash.  This is not true.  During the cremation process, the remains of your loved one are placed in a chamber called a retort.  Flames within the retort create temperatures above 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the body is exposed to the heat for two or more hours.  During this time, the bone start to break down.  A course material is created out of the mineral compounds in the bones.  Some bone fragments remain, and a cremation attendant will use tools to break up some of the solid bone.  Some smaller bone fragments are likely to remain and the remains will retain their course texture.

If you have never seen cremated remains, then you may be quite surprised by the appearance when you prepare the ashes for spreading.  Be aware of these ash characteristics so you are not in shock when you open the urn.

Save Some Of The Remains

Some people will decide to transport the remains of a loved one to the spreading location within the urn.  If you do this and spread all of the ashes at the special location, then no ash will remain.  This can cause problems if you decide to move and you can no longer visit the spreading location.  Also, other family members may ask for a small amount of remains so they can commemorate the loved one on their own.  This means that you should think about saving at least one-quarter of the remains.

If you decide to keep some of the ashes, then think about transferring the ashes you want to spread into a sealable plastic bag.  This is wise, because urns can spill in transit.  Work with a trusted friend to do this.  Ask the friend to open the bag wide and place the top of the urn inside the first inch of the bag.  Ask the friend to use their finger to pull the bag around the urn opening.  This way, the ashes will not fly into the air.  Gently pour the ashes into the bag and close the top tightly when you are done.

Consider Several Locations

Many people think of one special location where they want to spread ashes.  Unfortunately, this can be problematic.  City parks, state lands, and some bodies of water require permits or special permission to spread ashes.  Also, it may be illegal to spread ashes on someone else's private property without permission.  This means that you should contact your town or city, or a state official, to find out what you can and cannot do before scheduling an ash spreading ceremony.

Also, if you decide to spread ashes in a public area, other people may be enjoying the space.  You then may not have the opportunity to have a private ceremony if this is what you desire.  Choose two or three ash spreading areas.  Visit the spaces, call the appropriate individuals, and make a tentative plan for a ceremony.  If an official hassles you at the first location, if it is chaotic, or if you are uncomfortable with wind or rain, then go to one of the other places.

If your loved one has recently been cremated and you want to spread ashes, then make sure that you are well prepared for the spreading event.  The tips in this article can offer assistance with this.  Click for more information about this topic.


7 April 2015

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