4 Tips To Build An Affiliate Marketing Income

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Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn extra income online, but without adequate planning you can easily limit your income potential. By avoiding common pitfalls, you can increase your chances of being a successful affiliate marketer.

Avoid Narrow Or Broad Niches

When you are selecting a niche to use for affiliate marketing, you should avoid niches that are either too narrow or broad. If you are constantly promoting random products without an apparent theme, it will be more difficult to gain a consistent audience. Furthermore, covering many unrelated products can look like spam. A narrow niche will significantly limit the types of products you can promote. For example, a niche dedicated to various brands of acrylic paint is severely limiting. However, the broader topic of acrylic painting expands your affiliate marketing opportunities to art supplies, books and videos.

Don't Rely On High-Priced Items

Honesty and integrity are important when building and maintaining viewership. Therefore, you will need to purchase and use the products you promote, which can make buying many high-priced items unrealistic. You will also need to consider the longevity of many high-priced items. For example, technology is a popular niche for affiliate marketing. However, technology quickly becomes outdated.

You will need to make your purchases and review products as soon as they hit the market, before your viewers lose interest and move on to the newest device. A better strategy is to review computer or tablet accessories and new hardware as you can afford to upgrade. This strategy is more economical and will appeal to viewers with smaller budgets. As you become more successful at affiliate marketing and develop a decent income, you can possibly afford to incorporate higher priced items more often without a significant financial investment.

Show And Tell

Internet users demand more from people who promote products. It is unlikely you will be successful at affiliate marketing by merely writing reviews on products, unless you are promoting books. Viewers want to see you using products and may wait for follow-up reviews to see how a product performs after several weeks or months. You should consider investing in decent video and audio equipment for reviews.

A point-and-shoot digital camera with HD video capabilities should be sufficient when you are in the early stages of making videos. If part of your affiliate marketing strategy is to review software, you should expect to become proficient in screen capture software to give your viewers a clear picture of your desktop while using the software.

Diversify Your Affiliate Programs

The best affiliate programs will give you the most opportunities to earn money. Some programs allow your affiliate link to remain active for several days after someone clicks on the link. This means you will earn a percentage of the sale if the person does not make an immediate purchase. Some affiliate programs also give you a percentage of the sale from all items a person buys in a single purchase if they initiated the purchase through your link. Make sure you utilize affiliate programs from larger retailers to increase your chances at receiving a percentage of sales for multiple products.

Although the percentage of your commission may be smaller, your overall earnings can be higher at larger retailers. When you use affiliate links from specialty stores, even for expensive items, such as furniture or technology, visitors will likely buy a single item. If you can participate in affiliate programs from stores that sell the same item but also carry many items, such as food, household goods and clothing, you will find that visitors are buying multiple items and may have items already saved in their cart for purchase.

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to earn a passive income while talking about products you enjoy using, and there are other home business opportunities you might consider. By developing a strategy before you start, you can avoid common problems that limit your income potential.


28 August 2015

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