5 Extra Pests To Avoid Inviting In Your Door This Halloween

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Halloween is known for celebrating creepy things, but many people prefer costumers and decorations instead of the real thing. The celebration of Halloween is also prime-time autumn weather and this season can draw a number of different pests into  your home. If you're only willing to accommodate Trick-or-Treaters around the holiday, then you should contact a pest control company about the following five potential threats. Setting a plan in action will help keep the pests away from your home and remain that way each time Halloween rolls around.


The bowl of candy you have prepared for a night of festivities can get spoiled if a mouse finds its way inside. Mice can not only become a big disruption to your home life, but they can get into food pantries can contaminate a lot of your items. The colder nights that come around Halloween can draw mice into the warm environment of your home.

When setting up a plan with a pest control company, you have the ability to block off areas to the home that mice are attracted to. Along with natural methods, a pest control company can apply pesticides and other products to keep the mice away from your home. If they are already in your home, the workers have the ability to eliminate the problem and remove the mice population.


A little fake webbing can make a great Halloween decoration, but you may feel some concern when real webbing shows up in places  you do not expect. A majority of spiders will enter warm places around Halloween to lay eggs and then the males die off for the winter. The eggs will hatch in the spring and create a whole new spider problem.

A pest control worker can help end this cycle by eliminating the spiders in your home. The colder it gets outside, the more the spiders will seek shelter in your home. This also seems to occur more in damp places like an attic, garage, or shed.


One of the more stubborn pests you will find in your home around Halloween is the cockroach. Just like the rotting pumpkin that never seems to truly spoil, it seems very challenging to eliminate a cockroach population in the home. Even though they are a pain, pest control workers have a lot of experience when dealing with cockroaches.

Cockroaches are great at hiding and are nocturnal, making it challenge to eradicate them without a little professional help. Unlike the zombies taking over the holiday, pest control workers can ensure that the little critters stay dead and help prevent new ones from invading the home.


Cool days and nights help bring the spooky days leading up to Halloween, but it can also invite new guests to the exterior of your home. As the autumn sun beats down on the side of your home, ladybugs will often flock to the warmth. While the ladybugs will not do damage to your home or invest your food pantry, they can become an annoyance, especially when they arrive in large clusters.

Killing the bugs can create a nasty stench, so pest control workers will typically use a deterrent to prevent the bugs from seeking out your home. Instead, the ladybugs will travel to other homes with warm areas.


Ants may seem prevalent during the spring when warm weather arrives, but they can also become a big annoyance in the fall. Not only will they seek out food, crumbs, and other areas, but they can fill up firewood logs that you have ready to burn on cold nights. Instead of carrying the ants into your home, a pest worker can help deter them from the logs and the entry points of your home.

Once the real critters are gone from your home, you will be able to celebrate Halloween with fictional ones and all the monsters you love. Contact a pest control company in the weeks leading up tot eh holiday instead of waiting before an infestation gets out of control.


22 September 2015

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