Labeling Facts To Think About When It Comes To Cylindrical Bottle Packaging

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One of the greatest reasons to give your product's packaging a lot of thought is because it is the first thing your customers will see when it's on the shelf. Making the right choices about every aspect of packaging and custom labels is vital to you making successful sales. Follow these tips when you are considering how to come up with the bottle packaging that attracts potential customers.

Taking A Close Look At Bottle Packaging

When you stop to consider how many products out there come in round bottles, it is easy to see why your product could unnoticed if you packaged it in a round bottle. If you are considering a round, cylindrical bottle only because it would be easier to label it, you might think about how many customers will see it among the many others out there like it. While having custom labels for an odd-shaped container may be more expensive, the pay-off is great when a customer picks out your product because of its unique packaging. Many custom label makers can make oddly-shaped labels for packaging that is far from plain, boring and round. For example, if you manufacture body lotion, think about the attention a bottle shaped like a star or hexagon would get over a plain, round cylindrical bottle.

Measurements And Your Bottle Packaging Design

Before you make choices about custom labeling, be sure to have the choices made about your package's shape first. For example, the label dimensions you think may fit your star-shaped bottle may not when you get them because of the die cut used to make them. If you order labels without accurate dimensions, you may find that your labels are too small or too big. Be sure to always have accurate measurements of your product's container before choosing labels. You can also have the label maker you choose measure your container for you. By doing so, you save time and money having labels made over to fit because the first batch did not.

Think Seriously About Durable Label Materials

Once your product is packaged and on its way to store shelves, consider the beating each package may take during shipping. Consider also the wear and tear your labeling will undergo as shoppers pick up your products over and over, whether to buy it or to just have a closer look at the ingredients. For these reasons, choosing a label material that durable is important. Also, in most cases, your label design will look best on high-quality label material. Always take the time to explore all your options for materials before you choose one most suitable for your label design.

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26 April 2016

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