Ensure That Your Home Inspector Looks For These Indicators Around Your Kitchen Sink

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A good home inspector will take care to avoid rushing through the process of looking at a home that you're thinking about buying. This includes meticulously inspecting a long list of areas throughout the home. By familiarizing yourself with the approach that your inspector takes, you'll be able to feel confident that he or she is serving your needs well. A thorough inspection of the kitchen is always important, as it can turn up problems that you won't want to discover upon buying the house. Where the kitchen sink is concerned, make sure that the home inspector looks for these problems. 

Warping Along the Sink's Edge

A methodical inspection of the edge of the sink where it meets the countertop is critical. This is something that the average person may overlook, but that a home inspector, like those at White Glove Building Inspections, Inc, should always notice. The seam between the sink and the countertop should be smooth and flat. If it's warped or buckled, or if it shows any signs of problems, there has likely been water that has been forced — perhaps by someone repeatedly wiping a wet counter with a wet rag — under the lip of the sink. Over time, this moisture could cause the counter to warp. 

Water Marks Below the Sink

A home inspector should always open the cabinets below the kitchen sink and remove any items that are stored in this area. Doing so allows him or her to thoroughly assess the space for water. Even if there isn't any water in the area, water marks may be visible. For example, if there was a drip below the sink that wasn't fixed in a timely manner, there could be warping or discoloration of the cabinets in the area. Should such an issue be evident, the inspector will look even more thoroughly to note the extent of the problem. 

Improper Plumbing

Sometimes, a homeowner will attempt some plumbing work on his or her own instead of hiring a professional for the job. This may temporarily address the problem, but it could lead to issues in the future. Watch for your inspector to carefully assess the plumbing beneath the kitchen sink, using a flashlight to properly illuminate the area. Your inspector may notice joints that are weak or unprofessional, or even piping that runs at an improper angle. Depending on what turns up in the inspection, you can then decide how you wish to move forward.


6 April 2018

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