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If you need extra money and want a part-time job but don't want to be committed for the long term, then temporary seasonal work could be what you need. The job may last a matter of weeks or months, but it will eventually end as the season changes, so you'll have the chance to make extra money for a limited time. This type of work could be ideal if you go to school or work in a school and have the summer months and winter holidays off. Here are some ideas for finding temporary seasonal work.

Jobs During The Holiday Season

Many retail stores hire extra help during the holiday shopping season. You may not need experience for a job such as stocking shelves, but if you have previous retail experience, then you might want to apply for a cashier or sales associate job selling clothes or electronics. There are also seasonal positions in the foodservice industry. Many corporations host holiday parties that need catering and cleaning up after. This type of work may keep you busy during the months of November and December, but the work will probably end when the New Year's holiday is past. You might also find temporary work in childcare during the holidays when kids have long breaks from school.

Seasonal Summer Jobs

Summer is the perfect time to find a seasonal job since many businesses operate only in the summer or they expand their operations in the summer. You might work as a lifeguard once you're trained and certified. You could work at a summer camp, national park, local campground, farm, ice cream shop, zoo, or any other attraction that has longer hours and more guests during the summer. One problem with summer seasonal work is that you have to compete with high school kids, college students, and teachers that are off for the summer and looking for temporary work. To find more job opportunities, you may want to work with a company that supplies general workers to businesses rather than apply to individual job openings on your own.

Winter Seasonal Jobs

Winter is another good season for finding temporary work depending on the attractions in your area. If you live near a ski resort, you might find work there as long as the snow covers the ground. You wouldn't necessarily have to know anything about skiing since you could work in food service, maintenance, or housekeeping at the resort.

When you need to find temporary seasonal work, you can read the job ads in the newspaper or online. You may also want to apply to various grocery stores, retail stores, and other places you know that hire seasonal help. You can often apply online so you won't have to travel all over town until you're called for interviews. You can also work with a temp agency where you might get sent to different jobs throughout the season so you can enjoy variety in your work. A temp agency can even help match your skills with open jobs so you might find higher paying work and work you find interesting.


14 May 2019

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