How To Gain Customers For Your Dispensary

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Providing medical marijuana to patients who need it is a admirable and lucrative task. If you own a marijuana dispensary, you likely already have a handle on managing suppliers and handling your inventory. However, in order to succeed, you need a good customer base. Here are four ideas you can use to help you gain and retain customers for your cannabis dispensary:

1. Carry a good selection.

Good product will bring in customers. Since people have different tastes, it's in your best interest to carry a wide variety to allow people to choose. Try to stock as many variants of cannabis as you can, keeping in mind the relatively short shelf-life for marijuana. Fresh, high quality marijuana at a good price will bring your customers back again and again. Some people prefer indica strains while others prefer sativas. It's a good idea to have an even mixture of both and to carry some hybrid cannabis, as well.

2. Offer to bring in special requests.

Occasionally you may meet a customer who's looking for something that you don't stock. You may want to make it a point to special order things for loyal customers. This is a level of customer service that will impress buyers. People will continue to bring you their business when they know you're a business owner who cares about them. You may find that the special requests you fill are popular with other customers as well. This is a great way to discover new products that can go on to become client favorites.

3. Add your business to a dispensary directory.

The internet is a fantastic resource for generating new business. Many people use the internet to find new places to check out. If someone local to you is looking for a new dispensary, they will probably use a search engine to find one in the area. By placing your business's information in a dispensary directory, potential customers will be able to easily find you. Make sure to include all the relevant information in the directory; you'll need to provide your business name, contact number, and business address. Also consider adding attractive photos in order to entice customers.

4. Host local events.

Local events are good for publicity, as well. Many people are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy music on a weeknight. Host local events to draw in foot traffic. Find local artists and offer them the chance to hang their art in your dispensary, and you'll both benefit. They will get exposure for their art, and you'll have the opportunity to make your dispensary a local hot spot.


4 September 2019

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