Where Can You Pick up A Gun After Purchasing It Online?

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Buying a gun online can simplify an otherwise complex purchase. There may be a dozen guns you're interested in, but you can compare them at your home at your leisure. You can even pick up ammunition (though this has to be purchased and shipped separately). But what really happens when you purchase a gun online? How do you get it?

Your Gun Will Be Shipped to a Federal Firearms License Dealer

After purchasing your gun online, you'll usually be prompted to select an FFL. Your gun is going to be shipped to this FFL, where you can pick it up. This is important: you can't get your gun shipped directly to you, and you likely wouldn't want to. It's dangerous to get a gun shipped directly to you because anyone could steal it. 

Verify That the Gun Is Legal

Certain types of gun are only legal in some states, but the website you're purchasing from might not track this. The laws change frequently enough that a gun site may just ship a gun to an FFL, and it will be the FFL who tells you that the gun isn't legal in the area.

Call your FFL if you aren't sure; you don't want to pay for a gun only to get it shipped back.

Picking Up Your Gun at an FFL

You'll be notified once your gun is shipped in. You can then pick it up at your FFL. This process will vary depending on your state. In some areas, there aren't many qualifications to getting a gun; you may be asked to sign some paperwork at the shop, but otherwise you'll get it handed to you.

In other states, you need to go through a background check before you get a gun, or apply for a license to have the gun before you get the gun. Make sure you're prepared before you go into the FFL.

While at the FFL, inspect the gun and make sure it's the correct model you purchased, and it doesn't have any damage. You also want to make sure it came with everything that it was supposed to come with, such as any accessories.

Purchasing a gun online means that you get to comparison shop a lot more. Not only can you find the gun style that you want in the comfort of your own home, but you can also get cheaper deals. You just need to make sure your bases are covered in terms of legalities. To learn more, visit a company like Freedom Weapons.


17 October 2019

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