Tips For Keeping Mold Under Control In Your House

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Mold is an issue for any home. If you have allergies to mold, your symptoms may be triggered every time you return to your house. Mold can bother your respiratory system even if you're not allergic to mold. Plus, mold can slowly destroy your home as it uses the wood and fabric as a food source. Here are some tips for dealing with mold in your home.

Use A Mold-Removing Air Purifier 

One reason mold is such a problem is that the spores get in the air where you breathe them in. A mold-removing air purifier can help keep mold out of the air. If you run the unit continuously, the air is constantly cleansed of mold spores. If the spores can't float through the air and land in damp places, then you may even help control the spread of mold.

There are different options for air purifiers. Look for one with a HEPA filter that's rated to remove mold spores. You can also find an air purifier for mold that is combined with a dehumidifier. This might be worth considering if humidity is a concern in your home. Mold needs moist and humid conditions to thrive, so if you keep your home dry in addition to filtering the air, you should have less mold to contend with.

Remove Mold When You See It

Mold is a constant threat in your home, although it may be less common once you start using an air purifier. Kill mold in the bathroom and other wet areas as soon as you see it. If you have allergies, let someone else remove the mold.

If you find a large area of mold, such as in the attic, hire a mold removal company to get it out of your house. An air purifier removes spores from the air and prevents mold from spreading, but it can't kill mold that is actively growing in a damp place.

Keep The Outside Of Your House Dry Too

In addition to running a dehumidifier indoors if your home needs it and repairing water leaks to keep the inside dry, take steps to dry out the exterior of your home. You might need to trim back trees so your house is in the sun rather than the shade.

Rake leaves away from the house, and avoid using mulch and plants near your foundation. If the sun can reach the walls of your house all the way to the ground and the grass surrounding your house, mold will have a much more difficult time growing.


14 April 2020

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