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screen enclosure will transform a plain patio that is currently used for storage into a beautiful area to enjoy the outdoors while seated in a comfortable setting. If you are seeking inspiration for the design of the new enclosure that you will eventually have installed, explore a few distinct options.

Natural Materials And Décor

A screen enclosure that contains a solid material for the ceiling and wooden beams that are separated by screen mesh will give you plenty of vantage points to enjoy the outdoors, but will supply you with a sense of being enclosed in a separate room.

Natural materials, such as bamboo chairs and tables and potted greenery that is suspended from each beam will bring the outdoors into the seating area and the plants may add a pleasant aroma that will appeal to your senses. With this type of addition, you may need to have extensive renovations performed if you plan on accessing the screen enclosure from your home.

A sliding glass door can be added to the enclosure, and you can choose to have mesh screening added to each panel that outlines the sides of the patio that aren't adjoining the side of your home. For a less invasive upgrade, choose a screen enclosure that isn't attached to your home and that will require a separate door to enter the enclosure.

A Rotunda Style

A rotunda style screen enclosure will provide panoramic views of your property. Choose a round style enclosure that is constructed mainly of mesh and that contains metal framework and a built-in screen door. While seated in the enclosure, you will essentially be outdoors, but you will be provided with protection from insects.

Choose a mesh material that is designed to reflect the sun's rays. Sun netting will allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural light, without being subjected to extreme temperatures. Sun netting keeps confined spaces cooler, in comparison to a standard, untreated screen product. Use floral fabric-covered furnishings or a lightweight dinette table set to furnish this type of enclosure. 

Plenty Of Light

Another type of screen enclosure that will allow plenty of light to filter through is one that contains a mix of glass panes and screen mesh. Glass panes can be incorporated into the top of the enclosure and mesh panels can be added along portions of each wall.

Integrate some light-colored paneling, next to each glass or screen partition. Use wood furnishings to complement the airiness of the enclosure. If you choose a design that contains a solid material for the ceiling, invest in a fan that can be used to circulate air.


21 December 2020

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