Seven Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Trying To Maximize The Sustainability Of Your Facility

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Having a sustainable HVAC system at your commercial facility isn't just important for the environment. It's also important for your bottom line. The more sustainable your HVAC system is, the lower your utility costs will be. Unfortunately, business owners often make commercial HVAC mistakes that detract from the sustainability of their facilities. The following are seven things you shouldn't do when you're trying to maximize the sustainability of your facility. 

Having unsealed ducts

Conditioned air is channeled through the ducts of your facility so that it can be delivered to the different floors and rooms of the building. If ducts are unsealed and have leaks in them, conditioned air will leak out and detract from overall efficiency. The better sealed and airtight your ducts are, the more sustainable your commercial facility will be. 

Not paying attention to input from your staff and customers

You might be wasting energy through your commercial HVAC system because you're heating or cooling it more than you need to. Listen to input from your staff and customers to determine if you're heating or cooling more than necessary. You don't need to condition interior air at your commercial facility any more than it takes to keep staff and customers comfortable. 

Failing to invest in a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are great for maximizing the efficiency of any building's HVAC system. If you haven't invested in a programmable thermostat for your commercial building, your HVAC system is not as efficient as it could be. 

Neglecting routine maintenance

Commercial HVAC equipment needs to be properly maintained to operate at peak efficiency. Make sure you get all your HVAC equipment on a maintenance schedule and stick to this schedule to maximize efficiency and sustainability. 

Not being willing to invest in new equipment when necessary

You have to invest in modern HVAC equipment if you want your facility to be as sustainable as possible. Running the same outdated HVAC equipment year after year will detract from the efficiency of your facility. 

Failing to get your staff on board with your sustainability efforts

Make sure your staff is aware of the fact that sustainability is a priority for you. Train them to use HVAC equipment efficiently and make sure they're not leaving windows and doors open at your facility that will allow conditioned air to leak out. 

Keeping registers on the bottom floors of your building closed

If you have a commercial building with multiple floors, you should consider the fact that heat tends to rise and act accordingly. You can take advantage of the tendency for hot air to rise by keeping supply registers open on the first floors and closing registers on the upper floors. This makes HVAC operation more sustainable by keeping temperatures more constant throughout multiple floors of your facility. 

Reach out to a professional for more information about commercial HVAC systems. 


25 May 2021

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