Why Using Metal Detectable Pens May Be A Good Decision For Your Business

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Do you work in the food or automotive industries and need to write labels onto surfaces that don't do well with traditional pen ink? Perhaps you need to make sure that any pens you use will not help spread bacteria if they are picked up and used by multiple people. There are a variety of reasons why your business might want to look into stocking up on metal detectable pens. Here's why you should reach out to a supplier of these types of pens in the near future. 

Ensure Pens Don't Accidentally End Up Inside Your Product

Do you regularly use pens to document things right near your assembly or manufacturing line? Metal detectable pens used in conjunction with a metal detector that scans finished products can help ensure that a pen doesn't accidentally get dropped or placed inside of a finished product somewhere along the assembly line. This will keep your customer happy and it could also help you avoid a worst-case scenario where you get sued.

Stop People From Walking Off With Office Supplies

Most people don't mean to walk off at the end of their shift with yet another pen in their pocket, but sometimes it just happens. If you use high-end pens for specific purposes within your industry, these may cost more money than your traditional office pen. If this sounds like your business, you might consider putting a metal detector at the exit to the building. A metal detectable pen will set off the alarm and the employee that accidentally walked off with the pen will be able to empty their pockets and return the item to the company before going home for the day.

Some Detectable Pens Feature Anti-Bacterial Properties to Ensure a Clean Work Environment

If you work in the food business, the medical field, or anywhere else where keeping things clean is very important, you might like to know that many detectable pens are designed with materials that feature anti-bacterial properties to help stop the spread of germs and viruses. This can help protect the final quality of your product and might help keep your employees healthy as well.

Metal Detectable Pens Feature High-End Ink That Can Be Used to Write Onto Many Surfaces 

Metal detectable pens are highly sought after in the food industry and other businesses for the reasons already described, but metal detectable pens also offer another benefit of having higher-end ink that is capable of writing onto other surfaces besides paper. Depending on your industry, you might be able to use one of these pens to create a label in the exact spot you need it and without having to tape a sheet of paper first. You could write directly onto metal, glass, and a variety of other surfaces.

Contact a local supplier to learn more about detectable pens.


2 September 2022

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