Ways To Keep Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is On The Fritz


Humans are hard-wired to do almost anything to stay comfortable. In the summer, people use air conditioning to lower the temperature inside their homes. But how do you stay cool when the air conditioner isn't working properly? Instead of melting while you wait for the repair man to show up, try these tips to keep cool: 1. Turn Your Table-Top Fan Into An Air Conditioner Fans are great for circulating air through your home during the summer, but it doesn't do much to cool down the air already inside your house.

5 March 2015

How To Successfully Move Your Veterinarian Office


Is it time to move your veterinarian practice to a bigger office? If you're getting a lot of business, boarding a lot of pets, and adding new employees all the time, you may notice a need for many things your current office space doesn't provide. A larger waiting room, more exam rooms, a bigger kennel area, an ICU for pets who need extra care, and even a larger administrative office for all of the extra files for new patients and added office personnel may be needed in order to allow your business to continue to thrive.

12 February 2015

3 Things To Remember As You Design Your Dental Website


After enduring years of dental school and carefully expanding your practice, it can be frustrating to try to remain competitive in a growing field. Developing a loyal patient base can be difficult, especially if you are new to the area. However, you might be able to edge out your competitors by developing an impressive online presence. Here are three things to remember as you design your dental website, and how it will improve your patient's experience:

20 January 2015