Tips To Help You Manage Your Accounts Receivable More Successfully

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Offering credit accounts to the customers of your business may be a good strategy to help you boost sales, but failing to manage these accounts properly can lead to problems. Managing your accounts receivable accounts is an integral part of your business operations. When accounts become past due, this can create problems for your business. Here are some tips to help you understand how to manage your accounts better and how to generate more revenue through these accounts.

23 June 2015

Small Pond Problems: Beating The Hydrilla Challenge Once And For All

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Do you have a small pond on your property? Is it overrun with the extremely invasive aquatic plant hydrilla? If so, you aren't alone. This native-to-Asia flora has been in the United States since the 1950s, and now spans from Texas to Florida, and as far north as Maine. While many have tried to conquer this nuisance plant, few have succeeded. Fortunately, the pond liner industry brings new hope to the ongoing problem.

8 May 2015

Creamation Spreading - 3 Tips To Follow

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If you have recently had to make the difficult decision to have your spouse, parent, child, or close friend cremated, then you may want to do something special with the ashes.  Ash spreading is a common ritual that is completed by grieving family members.  The spreading is a good way to return your loved one's remains to nature, and it is also a way to say goodbye.  If you have never dealt with the remains of a family member, then keep reading to learn about some cremation remain spreading tips.

7 April 2015

Going Green - How To Reduce Water Waste In Your Hotel

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If you own or run a hotel, then you likely look for fresh ideas to bring new customers into your establishment. Coupons and general marketing promotions are a good idea, but you may also want to consider implementing permanent changes inside your inn. Green or environmentally friendly practices are a great selling point for your hotel, and they will also save you on operational costs. Consider some of the unique and easy water saving ideas below if you want to start going green.

17 March 2015

Ways To Keep Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is On The Fritz


Humans are hard-wired to do almost anything to stay comfortable. In the summer, people use air conditioning to lower the temperature inside their homes. But how do you stay cool when the air conditioner isn't working properly? Instead of melting while you wait for the repair man to show up, try these tips to keep cool: 1. Turn Your Table-Top Fan Into An Air Conditioner Fans are great for circulating air through your home during the summer, but it doesn't do much to cool down the air already inside your house.

5 March 2015

3 Reasons You Need A Maid Service To Clean Your Home

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It is important to have a clean and tidy home because it can affect your health. Having a maid clean your house every day or several times a week can help to improve your life. Here are three reasons you need a maid service to clean your home. A Dirty Home Can Make You Depressed If you are depressed, it can be common for your home to be messy and unorganized.

23 February 2015

How To Successfully Move Your Veterinarian Office


Is it time to move your veterinarian practice to a bigger office? If you're getting a lot of business, boarding a lot of pets, and adding new employees all the time, you may notice a need for many things your current office space doesn't provide. A larger waiting room, more exam rooms, a bigger kennel area, an ICU for pets who need extra care, and even a larger administrative office for all of the extra files for new patients and added office personnel may be needed in order to allow your business to continue to thrive.

12 February 2015