Should You Bail Your Relative Out?

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If your family member calls to let you know they have been arrested and asks you to bail them out, you may be considering letting them stay in jail. You may feel it's no big deal because they will probably be out right away when they go to court anyway. However, this isn't really how it works. If you don't bail them out, then they can end up sitting in jail until their trial date, and this can be months from now, not just a few days. There are so many other reasons why you may want to bail your loved one out, and you can read about some of them here: 

They won't be in danger

When you consider jails are full of dangerous criminals, you will understand that jails are just not completely safe places. While your family member is in jail, they will be in a place that's just not safe. 

They won't be in an unhealthy place

Jails also have a lot of people in a small space. This always creates a space where illnesses can spread rapidly. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the concerns over the health of those in jails are even greater. 

They won't be away from their kids

When someone who is a parent is arrested and in jail, it's not only them who suffers. Young children won't really understand what's happened, so the absence of their parent who's in jail can have a devastating effect on them. 

They won't be removed from medical treatments

While jails do offer a few medical services, the process takes time, and it can be limited when compared to the medical treatments your family member may be used to. If they have a medical and/or mental illness condition, then they may be on medication, going through other kinds of treatments, and even in counseling. Bailing them out right away ensures these things won't be interrupted. 


If you decide to bail your loved one out of jail, then you want to see a bail bonds person. They will be able to explain the process to you and find out information, such as what your family member's bail amount is. Then they can help you to bail them out. You will be able to give the bail bonds person collateral in exchange for the amount of bail that you need to cover for your family member to be released from jail. As soon as your loved one has attended all their court hearings, then you will get your collateral back. The collateral can be just about anything, as long as it is worth at least the same amount as what's needed for bail.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for bail bond services near you.


31 January 2022

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