3 Advantages Of A Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer With Dual-Axles

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As you shop for high-pressure pumps mounted to trailers, you want to consider the type of pressure washer you purchase along with the type of trailer the pressure washer sits on. The trailer you choose can make a big difference in your regular use of the pressure washer.

Instead of two wheels on a single axle, you could purchase a trailer with a total of four wheels on a dual-axle design. Learn some of the advantages of dual-axle trailers and ways you can take advantage of heavy-duty trailers.

1. Double Water Tank Capacity

A dual-axle trailer has the support to handle more weight on the trailer itself. With the extra wheel support, you can fit much large water tanks on the trailer. In many cases, you could double your water tank capacity. If you need to use the pressure water in a place without water tap access then the dual tanks will ensure you have access to plenty of water.

You can get a lot more done on a single trip and have water access whenever you need it. The trailer will ride smoothly and you do not need to worry about too much weight on a single-axle design.

2. Extra Storage Options

A dual-axle trailer can feature space for a pressure washer and may even have room for extra storage. The dual-axle can support a larger trailer design that allows you to add extra storage beyond just the pressure washer. For example, you could pack a toolbox if you need specific tools for a job.

You also have the option to pack extra cleaners. For example, you may rely on a beach-based cleaner to treat an area before you use the pressure washer. If the trailer has the proper storage space, then you can keep those items on the trailer rather than in your vehicle.

3. Rugged Road Transportation

In some cases, you may need to access off-road areas where you need to use a pressure washer. For example, you may drive to an early neighborhood development where the roads are not paved yet. A dual-axle trailer can provide more support to get over dirt roads, gravel, and other areas.

You do not need to limit your use of a pressure washer due to road access. You will run into fewer issues with tires and getting stuck on softer ground. Your vehicle will have an easier time pulling the vehicle as needed.

Keep all of these advantages in mind the next time you shop for a trailer-mounted pressure washer


29 August 2023

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