What Are Your Options For Protecting Your Digital Systems?

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Modern organizations rely on digital systems to handle a wide range of operations. Consequently, their cyber security solutions need to be up to the task. However, you might not be sure what your options are for protecting your organization's digital assets. This article will explore five of the most important ones.


You can't secure what you can't monitor. In the same way that a security system for a building needs cameras to watch entry points and what's happening on the property, cybersecurity protection solutions have to do much the same thing. A good monitoring setup will watch inbound traffic for potential attacks. Likewise, it will monitor outbound traffic for signs that a system has been compromised. Ideally, this combination will give you early warning signs that something is wrong.


It is also important to log all activities as you monitor them. A good set of logs can serve as the catalyst for figuring out what happened before and during an attack. If someone gains administrative access to the file system of a web server, for example, you should see log entries for those activities.

Most cybersecurity solutions also can analyze logs. This can take a downright arduous task and boil it down to something a person can handle. Pattern-recognition systems, for example, can spot where the logs signal that a system was compromised. Given most hostile actors use automated systems to conduct attacks, these patterns are often the biggest clues.


The best practices in the industry involve limiting the privileges of all users in a digital system. Even administrators should use the least privileges necessary to accomplish a task. Limited privileges can often contain breaches. If an office user with no administrative duties suffers a compromise through a piece of malware, for example, the malicious code will only execute with their limited privileges in this model.


Cybersecurity protection solutions should also regularly check systems for necessary updates. If they find an unpatched system on your network, they can notify an administrator. That person can then roll out the recommended updates across all of your systems to ensure you're not facing an unpatched exploit.

Retiring Assets

All digital assets will eventually reach the end of their useful lives. Some organizations, however, keep running these systems out of convenience or because they don't know better. Cybersecurity solutions providers can help their customers identify old assets and retire them gracefully.

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11 July 2022

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