Got Pets? Winning The War On Odors

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If you're like many people who share their homes with furry friends, you wouldn't have it any other way. However, you probably also find that there are times when you wish that your home didn't always smell as if pets lived there, especially now that the cold weather is setting in and people and pets are both spending more time indoors. If you've got holiday entertaining on the schedule, you undoubtedly want your home interior to smell as fresh and fabulous as possible.

11 October 2018

Ensure That Your Home Inspector Looks For These Indicators Around Your Kitchen Sink

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A good home inspector will take care to avoid rushing through the process of looking at a home that you're thinking about buying. This includes meticulously inspecting a long list of areas throughout the home. By familiarizing yourself with the approach that your inspector takes, you'll be able to feel confident that he or she is serving your needs well. A thorough inspection of the kitchen is always important, as it can turn up problems that you won't want to discover upon buying the house.

6 April 2018

Need To Hire An Engineer For Your Small Business? How To Streamline The Process

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Finding the right person for your job posting can be a laborious process. After all, not only do you need to prepare the job posting and list ads, You need to schedule interviews and organize interview locations. In fact, Investopedia says that just the recruitment process can actually cost a company $3,500 in turnover costs—that doesn't include time and money for training and integration. If you need to hire an engineer, the process may have added difficulty as the demand for these positions is high and the supply is low.

26 February 2018